Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Broadcast Live 10am-1pm PST (1pm-4pm EST)


Another historic day for real estate and a game changer for the REALTORS® Relief Foundation. World-renowned speaker, coach and REALTOR®, Leigh Brown shares the Code of Ethics – LIVE! The most fun way to complete your Code of Ethics triennial requirement for 2019-2021! 


Leigh Brown’s unique style brings the CODE class to life

National Real Estate Ethics Day® 2018, was a tremendous success — across the country, REALTORS® were promoting the Code of Ethics. In one day, over $40,000 was raised for the REALTORS® Relief Foundation and over 7000 REALTORS® responded to the call for action.

Across the country, REALTORS® were promoting the Code of Ethics. Since 1913, NAR has continuously updated the Code to protect the public, promote private property rights, and raise the level of professionalism and service one can expect from a REALTOR®. 

What You Can Expect


This class will help REALTORS® clearly identify to clients who the REALTOR® is working for and will also help the attendees realize their duties extend beyond the client to all other parties involved in the transaction as well.

Participants will learn to put the client’s best interests first and ahead of their own. REALTORS® make every possible effort to understand and meet the specific real estate needs of the clients they represent. It’s their responsibility to conduct the due diligence necessary on the client’s behalf and share all relevant information so informed decisions can be made.

Participants will learn they are also bound to full disclosure. This disclosure includes all the facts related to the property and the transaction and involves both the buyer and the seller. For example, if a roof leaks and the REALTOR® is aware of it, yet the seller has not disclosed that information, the Code of Ethics will not allow the REALTOR® to withhold that information.

Finally, the class will give real world examples why the Code requires REALTORS® to be truthful in all communications with the public. Whether it’s a social media post, an advertisement or newsletter, REALTORS® are very careful to relay accurate information to consumers so as not to misrepresent their clients.

Are you ready to participate in a required class in a fun and non-traditional way?

If you said, “yes!”… then join us for National Real Estate Ethics Day® 2020! Leigh Brown will instruct this class LIVE and you and your colleagues are invited. 

As a REALTOR® you have a duty to your clients, duty to the public, and duty to other REALTORS® to remain informed on issues affecting real estate. This course will be taught by world-renowned speaker and coach, Leigh Brown. Get your biennial COE requirement taken care of AND give back to our local communities at the same time. It is a win-win!

“Foundation for Our Business”

More than 225 CVAR members signed up for the #NationalEthicsDay, live streamed to all 3 CVAR locations. “We think Leigh Brown is a fantastic instructor…but watch the video to hear how it went!”

"Born out of my passion for the REALTORS® Relief Foundation, this National Real Estate Ethics Day® fundraising event is going to knock the ball out of the park! I wholeheartedly believe that the Code of Ethics should be incorporated into your business every day and this class is the first step. My classes are never dull and never boring, so let’s talk professionalism and ethics! And if I can host this national event, all while benefiting the amazing REALTORS® Relief Foundation, then I consider that a win-win!"

~ Leigh Brown, Real Estate, Personality, Speaker