National Real Estate Ethics Day® Mission

To instill the highest levels of personal integrity, professional expertise, sound judgment, and discretion to all REALTORS® around the world. #NationalEthicsDay

What REALTOR® Members are saying about #NationalEthics Day!

Leigh taught Ethics in a clearly understandable, relatable, no-nonsense kind of way!  Three hours passed in what felt like 10 minutes!  I would attend over and over, even outside my three-year requirement!


Leigh Brown was the best instructor that I have ever took a class under. And I have taken many classes. #jobwelldone!

Janice B Reed, Reed Real Estate, REALTOR® Member

An excellent way to learn & engage with the case studies. Never a dull moment with Leigh Brown speaking!


One of the best presentations of our ethics responsibilities that I’ve seen.

Chuck Dunlap, Garrett Realty Partners, REALTOR® Member

This class was informative, easy to follow and interesting. I had several “take aways” that will definitely be pivotal for my career. Leigh Brown is well informed, has a great speaking voice and presents the material in an engaging way with facts and humor.

Deborah, ERA Yes, REALTOR® Member

Leigh is a great engaging speaker that explains situations in a relatable and easy to understand way while making it entertaining!

Cindy Ogletree, Mia Madison Properties, REALTOR® Member

National Ethics Day is a must have for all REALTORS! It’s engaging and provides the pertinent information with applicable case study.

Le Ann Dunne, Keller Williams Legacy Group, REALTOR® Member

Great Way to Learn, Interact & satisfy CE!

Kept our attention – good examples – applies to real life.

Nick Tramp, United Real Estate, REALTOR® Member

Leigh makes a boring topic interesting. I believe agents will retain the information better.


"My National Real Estate Ethics Day® fundraising event is going to knock the ball out of the park! I wholeheartedly believe that the Code of Ethics should be incorporated into your business every day and this class is the first step. My classes are never dull and never boring, so let’s talk professionalism and ethics! And if I can host this national event, all while benefiting an amazing charity, then I consider that a win-win!"

~ Leigh Brown, Real Estate, Personality, Speaker